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Children's Choir is for ages 8 to 14. Youth Choir is for ages 12-18. Here are a few things you might want to know before registering. If you need more information, our complete Choir Policy can be found here: 


Choir tuition is $45 per semester per student

Tuition may be paid on a semester by semester basis, or Fall and Spring Semesters may be paid together. There is a $5.00 discount per student for tuition paid by early registration dates. Early registration deadline for Fall Semester is July 15. Early registration deadline for Spring Semester is November 15. 


Both Choirs rehearse at First Church of God on Friday Mornings during the school year


  • Fall Semester Choir begins the first Friday after Labor Day, and concludes the second week of December.

  • Spring Semester Choir begins the second Friday after New Year's Day and concludes the second week of May.

Students provide their own performance attire

Choirs wear concert dress to create a unified visual that doesn't distract from the music. With this in mind, here are our performance attire guidelines. 

Both Choirs: Hair needs to be a natural human hair color and any jewelry or accessories subtle. Shoe heels need to be no more than two inches high. Skirts and dresses need to be knee length or longer. Dresses or blouses need to have sleeves and not have bare backs or show bra straps or cleavage.

Children's Choir Concert Dress is a white dress shirt or blouse with black slacks or skirt and black shoes. If wearing slacks, students should wear black dress socks that cover the ankles.

Youth Choir Concert Dress for young men is the following all in black: long-sleeved, button-down collar shirt, necktie, slacks, socks, and shoes. Concert dress for young women is a black dress, or skirt and blouse, with black shoes and bare legs or skin-colored hose.


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