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Choir Council

Choir Council gives high school aged choir members the opportunity to serve in leadership positions.


The Choir Council is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian, Librarian, and members at large. A choir parent serves as Council Advisor.


Choir Council responsibilities include:

  • Preparing music folders before each semester

  • Collecting and filing music after concerts

  • Planning activities and service projects for Youth Choir

  • Conducting program at end of the year Choir Banquet

  • Welcoming audience to concerts

  • Keeping history of choir


To serve on the council students must be at least a high school freshman, and have completed two

semesters of choir.


The Choir Council President is either a high school junior or senior.


Choir Council members are appointed. Vacancies for the coming school year’s Council will be announced during Spring Semester. Students interested in serving on the Council need to submit a letter of application and be interviewed.

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